Co-building your career path, developing your skills and agility

Responsibility and excellence are two of Heppner’s values. As in high-level sports training, Heppner is committed to providing an environment conducive to the development of expertise and life skills to meet individual needs and the customer requirements. Employees undertake to take control of their career paths by listening to others, sharing best practices and challenging the organization.

You are given a unique opportunity to showcase your talents and take control over your career path!

Career development


Dealing with complex customer requests and, understanding the very different business models of our clients in industry, luxury, retail or services, the Transport sector is a great place to train and learn. Our training programs are based on two key pillars:

Self-training through our digital platform Heppner Progress, available in 5 languages, for handlers as well as sales reps, employees and managers, and the diversity of our teams.


Heppner is always on the lookout for new or innovative training systems; lifelong digital training through the Heppner Progress e-learning platform, and available on smartphone, our virtual reality workstation training, individual training or group training sessions, with a focus on role-playing, self-assessment and experience sharing.

Heppner’s Talent Policy is to invest substantially in the various phases of your career:

At age 18-20, while working towards your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you join Heppner’s schools on a sandwich program, such as sales and chartering for example. During your training with the company you are given the opportunity to learn our expertise, with the aim of hiring you on a permanent employment contract when an opportunity arises in France or abroad.

You complete your studies at engineering or business school, with a Master’s Degree specializing in Supply Chain, Transport Logistics or on an international study program.

At age 27/32, you join Heppner’s program for High Potential employees. Our commitment, after a training course in our sectors and our DNA, is to make you a branch manager,  a sort of entrepreneur. Your commitment is to listen and learn, let yourself be amazed, work towards the team’s objectives and take on regional challenges.

During your career at Heppner, whether you are on the docks, in operations, at head office or in a branch, you can express your career development wishes to your manager and to your Human Resources representative, during your annual review. Our main talents are in our branches.


Very early on, Heppner opted for a specific decentralized management model. It is based on “intrapreneurs” with a wide range of responsibilities at all management levels. To make this possible, Heppner invests in ambitious talent development programs.

Heppner University

Since 2016, the role of Heppner University was to prepare its future leaders, training them on the company’s a global vision and the whole range of responsibilities that they will take on during their careers. The mentoring they receive and the daring and commitment they demonstrate throughout their training, enable them to work on strategic issues, improve their agility and prepare to take on new responsibilities.

High Potential Program

In the High Potential Program, young graduates are selected to attend a program lasting several years to become familiar with the various roles within the company. At the end of the program, these young managers have all the keys to reach their full potential and become an important part of our team.

Involvement in the life of the company


At Heppner, we believe that everyone, regardless of their position in the company, contributes to our success. Your opinion is important to us. We want our teams to be really involved in company life. This is reflected in the increasing number of local initiatives within the network. Larger-scale operations are often carried out with our employees:

IDay: A large-scale call for ideas was launched in 2019 to ask all the teams to reflect on issues like the Quality of Life at Work. We received nearly 2,000 responses. The “best liked” ideas were put into action with the help of our “idea launchers”.

Heppner Football Cup: There was the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Now there is the 2019 Heppner Football Cup! 16 teams from all the regions and branches competed to win the first edition of this prestigious international cup!

CSR initiatives with local associations, such as collections for the Banque Alimentaire (Food bank) of the Bas-Rhin Département in Strasbourg or initiatives with clients and the Association La Magie à l’Hôpital (Magic at the Hospital).

The head office in Noisy-le-Sec has undergone some changes for “sorting” reasons: The Joyeux Recycleurs (Happy Recyclers) have taken over the corridors of the head office and actively promote harmonious sorting.

Digital tablets are invading our warehouses and the general management’s communication is reaching employees directly via Webinars, hosted by Jean-Thomas Schmitt himself… live!