At Heppner, we talk about “entrepreneurial spirit” because it’s a way of thinking and working. Entrepreneurs seek to change things instead of waiting for change to happen and adjusting to it. When you think that way, you can take controlled risks, think creatively, humbly agree to keep learning and take a long-term view.

Everyone at Heppner shares the values that best embody this entrepreneurial spirit. Bolding charting your course, taking steps towards self-improvements and serving the collective interest. Actively taking charge of your work and remaining accountable for the consequences of your actions.

Entrepreneurship means mobilizing your energy, by aiming to deliver the best results and services, choosing only the best colleagues and partners and benchmarking yourself against the demands of others and those around you. Determining a course of action, making every effort to meet your commitments and developing a work environment that fosters the genuine commitment of each employee. Heppner is a family-owned company, where loyalty to clients, partners and colleagues has long been a key to success, through the hard times and the good times.