Heppner, logistics partner for players in the industrial world

  • Ability to handle all levels of your Supply Chain
  • Ability to handle many types of goods, including hazardous materials (except radioactive, explosive or gaseous)

Dedicated expertise and resources to comply with regulatory standards and satisfy your customers

  • Support you during all stages of logistics: storage, handling, transport, administrative and tax management.
  • Provide you with resources close to you and your customers thanks to our European network
  • Building with you long-lasting and tailor-made solutions that adapt to your products, excluding radioactive, explosive or gaseous goods.

A complete offer reinforced by the acquisition of SAFRAM in 2022

  • 50 years of expertise on hazardous materials
  • 27 branches authorized for the transport of dangerous products on European
  • 5 warehouses approved for the storage of dangerous products (including two classified as “Seveso – high threshold”)
  • Additional tailor-made services: biometric or badge access, relocated inventories, sample management, bonded storage, waste recycling, etc.
  • Specific certifications testifying to SAFRAM’s expertise: ISO 14001, EN 16258, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)