Take the fast track and ensure you always arrive on time.

Do you have an important order to deliver? Do you want to avoid penalties for late delivery? Are you taking part in a tradeshow? If so, you need to ensure that your shipment is received ASAP.


With Star Priority, Heppner handles your shipment as a priority and guarantees 100% compliance with the notified delivery time. Certain automated mechanisms are triggered in the network to alert the Heppner teams to the importance of your shipment and its priority status.

For systematic morning deliveries

The Star Priority 13 option takes the service one step further. For consignees not available in the afternoon, Heppner provides the Star Priority option and ensures a delivery slot before 1 pm.

As always with our Star range, you decide when to activate opt for this service. Just one click when preparing your order and you can be sure that your consignee will be there to receive their order.


  • Available for your private courier
  • Selected on dispatch
  • No limit in terms of weight / number of packages