Since 2012, Heppner has been implementing an integrated management system for all our activities, based on the continuous improvement of our processes and tools. Our quality management system is based on benchmarks that help us:

  • Meet the needs and requirements of our clients
  • Guarantee control of our processes
  • Comply with regulatory and industry requirements
  • Ensure the Safety and Security of goods and employees

Our general certifications

Our quality commitments are the result of our proven continuous improvement policy, recognized by international standards, such as ISO 9001 V2015 certification, which was upgraded to the new standard version in 2018.

Securing all operations, the supply chain, infrastructures and employees.

Since 2009, HEPPNER, an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), has certified the processes put in place to secure the whole supply chain and all activities, operations, infrastructures and employees.

Our specific certifications

The transport of health products requires special attention and compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP). Since 2012, Heppner has been implementing the necessary processes to ensure that pharmaceutical products are handled through the supply chain with a high level of quality and safety. This was evidenced by the renewal of our CERTIPHARM certification to the V7.1 standard in 2019.