An efficient alternative to maritime transport

Trade between France and China amounts to more than 70 billion euros per year. While maritime transport remains the preferred means of transporting goods between the two countries, rail is quickly gaining ground. It offers the following benefits:

  • Twice as fast, with terminal-to-terminal journeys taking 12 to 14 days
  • More regular schedules, with several departures per week to and from major the Chinese industrial centers
  • Safer, as there is no risk of blocked or congested ports and no weather-related hazards.
  • More eco-friendly, thanks to its very low carbon footprint and the absence of pollution discharged into the oceans

A flexible and accessible solution for most people

No minimum volume or frequency, no restrictions on packaging (pallets, containers, etc.), Heppner optimizes your Supply Chain with solutions customized for your logistics flows, at controlled and ambient temperatures.

Why choose Heppner?

More than just a means of transport, Heppner offers turnkey solutions to streamline your supply chain flows to and from China. Depending on your needs, this service can include:

  • Pre-shipment to the departure terminal
  • Customs declarations
  • Storage of goods in our logistics warehouses
  • Post-shipment to the final delivery point