Great Place to Work (GPTW): 2 new countries certified

In 2023, for the 4th year running, Heppner took part in the Great Place To Work survey, with employee satisfaction once again showing continued improvement. Thus, Heppner achieved a 7-point increase in its trust index over the previous year. The teams are highly motivated to answer the questionnaire; this can be explained by the Group’s active approach, with prompt reporting of the results and the associated action plan. This approach is bearing fruit, since in four years the response rate has risen from 59% to 85%.

The 4 countries that maintained their certification – United Kingdom, Senegal, Spain and France – were joined in 2023 by Hungary and the Netherlands. This means that there are now 6 countries that are certified Great Places To Work within the Group.

Survey highlights for the Group:

  • A quality managerial relationship, with a high level of trust
  • A high level of employee commitment and identification with the company.
  • Appreciated work conditions, with a heightened perception of this item

Martijn VAN HEUMEN, Heppner Netherlands

“In a tight job market, being a Great Place To Work is a very valuable asset and it increases our organisation’s appeal as an employer! It provides a means for measuring the degree of trust, pride and pleasure in working within our organisation. This knowledge and job satisfaction not only give an added boost to our corporate culture, but also enable us to work specifically on Heppner’s future development.”

Career progression within the company: internal mobility on the rise

Heppner promotes the internal mobility of its employees by supporting them in their career plans, regardless of their level of educational attainment or previous experience. Through this approach, each employee is encouraged to develop their own skills and career, on their own initiative.
Changes in “loading bay” teams account for 31% of professional mobility (handling operative > team leader > bay manager).

Tools that promote internal mobility

  • The individual reviews enable assessments of each person’s skills and potential.
  • Publication of the job exchange (intranet, posters) and videos of employees’ testimonials about their jobs to “inspire” internal mobility (29% of the vacancies to be filled)

Julia Ohrt, Sales Representative, Heppner Germany

“I have been building my career with Heppner for more than 20 years. From my beginnings as a trainee to when I started a family and now, as a mother of two boys, Heppner has always supported and positively influenced my professional development. I switched from full-time to part-time to have time for my young children. Then, a few years ago, I returned to full-time employment, combined with the internal promotion I’d been wanting for a long time. My commitment and motivation and being able to communicate my ideas and goals have enabled me to progress within the Heppner Group.

By working in different departments and areas, for example as Team Leader Dispatch, or as member of the customer service team or now as a sales representative, I have always had the opportunity to grow in Heppner.

I have an employer who supports me, encourages me and challenges me through seminars/training courses and competent managers who interact with my work. I work in a great team and my performance is valued. All these points, and also the Well-being campaigns and Great Place To Work measures implemented by my branch and by the Group, give added strength to the Heppner spirit and my loyalty to the company and my colleagues.”

QWL Challenge: "joy week"

For the 2023 Quality of Life at Work (QWL) Week, Heppner had adopted the theme of “joy week” in partnership with Café Joyeux, a third-sector company whose goal is to help mentally challenged people integrate in society through work. Supervised by OUILIVE, online challenges were proposed to all Group employees (head office, branches and subsidiaries), enabling them to contribute to causes and undertakings. On site, employees were able to take part in a range of fun (food truck, board games, sports sessions) and relaxation activities (osteopathy, chair massage, muscular awakening).

Main figures

  • 900 participants in total took part in the challenge
  • more than 35,500 km travelled
  • €4,000 in committed donations, particularly to Café Joyeux
Yoga classes during the QWL week

Sustainable mobility package

In response to the requirements of the Mobility Orientation Law and the need to reduce the carbon impact of commuting, Heppner has introduced various measures to encourage its employees to use soft mobility. Launched in 2022, the Klaxit car-sharing solution is already used by 11% of the employees in the Paris region, for example. The Group also introduced a sustainable mobility package in September 2023 that allows employees to combine different, greener modes of transport. The scheme’s appeal for employees is undeniable.