A decentralized and flexible organization

The Heppner branches are connected by international linehauls providing direct connections throughout Europe. Thanks to our flexible and decentralized organization we can:

  • Respond immediately to activity peaks or traffic restrictions
  • Reduce the distances travelled and therefore reduce pollution
  • Reduce the risks linked to loss or breakage with fewer courier transits

Optimal and consistent quality of service

With a direct presence in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands, Heppner extends its coverage throughout Europe via strategic partnerships with reputable experts in other European markets. This policy aims to:

  • Provide consistent performance, regardless of the location of your consignees
  • Guarantee full transparency, from loading to proof of delivery
  • Ensure deliveries can be made even during pollution peaks, thanks to our environmental commitments

Adding value to your deliveries

The Supply Chain is a key factor in your commercial and financial competitiveness. Your delivery service should make you stand out and increase customer loyalty. That’s why Heppner has developed a wide range of customized services, which will add value to your deliveries.

The services are detailed in our catalogue. These include Star Plan, our scheduled delivery service, Temperature Monitoring, transport of Hazardous Materials as well as return flow management.