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Heppner is the first transport and logistics company to include its company’s purpose in its Articles of Association


After nine months of collaborative effort that has elicited more than 1,200 contributions, Heppner has formally included its company’s purpose in its Articles of Association. As a creator of transport and logistics solutions and an independent leader in international transport to and from France, this purpose has been enshrined in the company’s principles since its beginnings.


A company’s purpose at the service of economic and human growth

Heppner has decided to formally include its company’s purpose in a public document, giving voice and body to a philosophy that has permeated the company for almost 100 years, manifested in:
• a decentralised management model built on “intrapreneurs”;
• a flexible, pliable approach and a strong ability to adapt to customers’ needs and demands;
• continuity over time through intergenerational transmission;
• geographical and relational proximity embodied in the company’s historic signature slogan, “Closer to go further”.

This philosophy, which has been the company’s driving force since 1925, is today reasserted in the group’s company’s purpose:


Embolden the Entrepreneurial Spirit of our talents, partners, customers and suppliers, and citizens of all generations in all the territories where we operate.


A decision co-crafted with the company’s stakeholders

Since November 2019, more than 1,200 contributions have been received, in addition to conducting individual interviews with customers and organising a workshop with a representative panel of employees.

This collective reflection, carried out in consultation with the group’s internal and external stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders), has been materialised in a corporate purpose that faithfully expresses their perceptions and expectations, and truly reflects Heppner’s DNA.

“More than ever before, our stakeholders expect more from a company than mere fulfilment of its mission and the provision of services. Heppner is committed to playing a role in society that looks beyond our business activity. Aware that it is our women and men who carry the group forward and not the other way around, we work every day to Embolden each individual’s Entrepreneurial Spirit, which is then taken to our partners, customers and suppliers, and to citizens of all generations.” Jean-Thomas Schmitt, Heppner Group CEO.

Heppner’s company’s purpose and its inclusion in the preamble to the Articles of Association was approved at the General Meeting of Shareholders on 12 September 2020.
As a strategic tool for defining the meaning of the company’s activity and its impact on society beyond the economic and financial aspects, Heppner’s company’s purpose seeks to guide and unite all of the group’s employees behind a common social project.