CSR Strategy & Governance

Driven by a long-term vision, we have placed CSR at the heart of the Group’s strategy and governance. Alongside our stakeholders, we work every day in an ecosystem based on responsibility.

A.CSR at Heppner

Multiple issues …

  • Climate change and air pollution – Energy
  • Fair information and contract practices – After-sales service and dispute resolution
  • Occupational health and safety – Human capital development
  • Long-term relationships with customers and subcontractors
  • Integration of CSR into the strategy
  • Biodiversity – Circular economy
  • Customer Data Protection: consumers
  • Working conditions and Quality of Work Life (QWL) – Employment and labour relations – Social dialogue
  • Corruption and fraud
  • Local employment and solidarity

… Addressed by our 5 pillars

B.CSR is now our compass

Cédric Frachet Chief Operating Officer

Subsidiarity is a principle that permeates our business model. We are convinced that involvement in the local ecosystem and the trust placed in employees close to the regions are sources of value creation at all levels. Opportunities are first sensed and studied locally, such as when it comes to setting up a natural gas refuelling station for natural gas vehicles (NGV) for example.

An approach built with and for its stakeholders