Adopt an inclusive posture

Diversity and parity are strengths for the collective, and the Heppner Group pays close attention to them. In 2021, we initiated a Disability Inclusion Programme.

Workforce distribution by age

Key figures 2021

Workforce feminisation

31% women in the group (industry average 19%)

Equality index

The gender equality index is 88/100 (vs 78/100 in 2020)


50 nationalities within the group

Permanent contracts

94% of the group’s employees have permanent contracts

Disability, inclusion progresses!

After signing a Disability Agreement in 2020, the Heppner Group began a process in 2021 that aims to move the yardsticks and respond to societal and regulatory issues in this area.

And the results are already there, since the employment rate for disabled workers rose from 3.5% in 2020 to 4.2% in 2021.

By making these issues more widely known, the group wanted to increase the recognition of disabled workers in its workforce and show that maintaining employment is a core concern.

Julien Servel Human Resources Manager, in charge of disability inclusion

The group did not have a global policy for managing disability. Therefore, we have developed a system that will take shape in several stages. 2021 was a decisive year, particularly in terms of awareness and communication. We have created a community of advisors for disabled workers in our 40 branches. Today, some 50 people are part of this community, and they have been trained specifically in disability, support and the rights of disabled employees within the company.

Achievements 2021

The creation of a mission and a disability community for the group

A communication campaign (posters, brochure) “Heppner accompanies you in your disability” and participation in the Disability Week

Support for 5 people in maintaining employment (electric pallet truck, adapted workstations, etc…)

16 recognitions of disability (there had been 8 in the previous 5 years)

Goals for the end of 2023:

  • Reaching a 4.5% employment rate for disabled workers in the Group’s workforce
  • Increasing the employment rate of disabled people thanks to a specialised firm and attendance at dedicated trade shows
  • Continuing to support job retention

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