Structured expertise

Every day, Heppner delivers products for its clients in the Health and Beauty sector. These products are very sensitive to transport conditions and, over the years, Heppner’s teams have developed a specific expertise in these product ranges. Since 2006, Heppner has been establishing itself as a company that can meet the needs of professionals in the sector. We have:

  • Teams that are trained and audited on a regular basis
  • Specific operating procedures to ensure that the products shipped are not mixed and are kept secure
  • Dedicated tools, such as connected temperature probes that cover the whole network
  • Parcel traceability
  • A Heppner Health & Beauty department that monitors market needs and developments

A certified partner

Heppner is committed to providing a safe shipping of your goods, whether by domestic road or international air transport. Certification by independent bodies is therefore one of our main priorities.

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification for all group branches
  • Certipharm certification version 7.1

In-depth knowledge of your consignees

You wouldn’t deliver products to a hospital in the same way as you would to a home help nurse. Based on this principle, we have built our solutions around four main categories of consignees:

  • Hospitals and pharmacies:Time is of the essence for the integrity of pharmaceutical products (temperature excursion management). Consignees are seldom available and deliveries often need to be made directly to the department or back room.
  • Pharmacies and retail stores:Located downtown or in shopping malls, these consignees are sometimes difficult to access. Back room delivery is often requested. Finally, efficient unsold stock management is key to optimizing the Supply Chain.
  • Medical staff and self-employed professionals: These consignees are seldom available, which results in a high delivery failure risk. It is important to involve them as much as possible in the monitoring and planning of their deliveries.
  • Logistics providers and mass retail:Heppner is constantly working with the major retailers. Scheduled deliveries are the norm and adherence to deadlines / slots is essential.