Logistics platform deliveries

Courier or chartering, the logistics platforms of major retailers must manage a continuous delivery flow in a limited space. Therefore, scheduled deliveries are key to smooth operation.

Heppner’s teams have a thorough knowledge of this process. For many sites, regular slots are booked and integrated in Heppner’s information system. If not, we contact the platform to schedule a specific delivery.

Back room deliveries

In retail outlets, every square meter must be dedicated to sales. Deliveries must not impact the sale area.  That’s why Heppner has developed a delivery service that goes beyond the store entrance: Star Care

At the shipper’s request, the Heppner driver will provide one or more of the following services:

  • Back room delivery
  • Box depalletizing
  • Recovery of the overpack

Downtown deliveries

In view of the current environmental challenges, Heppner is committed to an ambitious energy transition policy. Heppner has therefore acquired a fleet for urban deliveries throughout the year, including pollution peaks and traffic restrictions. Our urban delivery resources include:

  • Electric vehicles (trucks and vans)
  • Electrically assisted tricycles
  • Natural gas-fueled vehicles (trucks and vans)