Reducing our carbon footprint

Heppner is committed to the CO2 target charter. This strategy involves central and local initiatives covering all our activities. These include:

  • The transformation of our fleet renewal and that of our partners
  • The installation in our branches of private CNG facilities for refueling vehicles
  • The optimization of our transport routes to reduce the distances traveled

We are also establishing ourselves on the circular economy, which involves recycling waste to create new resources. To this end, we have updated our national organization to:

  • Promote waste sorting in order to increase recycling (office supplies, cups, plastics, paper, aluminum, etc.).
  • Optimize our pallet management in order to reduce consumption (repairs, purchases and sales at a local level)

In 2019, Heppner joined the EVcom system and was one of the first 10 signatory companies. This commitment is based on four pillars:

  • Fleet of road vehicles operated directly
  • Purchase of chartered services
  • Service packages for our clients
  • Further initiatives in our CSR strategy

Gradually moving away from fossil fuels

Heppner is firmly committed to using alternative energies for its fleet of vehicles. In addition to the ecological benefits, this shift guarantees the continuity of service, even during pollution peaks. The creation of about twenty Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in France has forced us to obtain the right equipment.

To do this, Heppner uses an energy mix compatible with local constraints and opportunities:

  • Implementation of electric vehicles for urban deliveries
  • Acquisition of natural gas-powered vehicles throughout France
  • Local testing of hybrid trucks and electrically assisted tricycles