A solid relationship

Each client works together with a flow manager, who has an in-depth knowledge of their uses, goods and priorities, etc. The flow manager can then advise the client on quick and attractive solutions, whatever their needs:

  • From small batches of a few pallets to full loads
  • From spot quotes to regular flows
  • From direct flows to multi-stops rounds, with or without cross-docking

Digital technology and transparency

Heppner is committed to digital transformation projects to help carriers improve routing information. Thanks to these innovations:

  • 100% of deliveries are acknowledged on the same day
  • All proofs of delivery are available on your Port@il

If deliveries are running late, our teams are automatically notified and can take immediate action and warn the client if necessary.

Selecting the best operators

Client loyalty is important to us, but that of our subcontractors is also key. Heppner is therefore strongly committed to partnership programs to build a solid relationship based on quality, transparency and responsiveness. Thanks to this policy, our teams can:

  • Find a referenced partner close to your site, to process your goods as quickly as possible
  • Meet your specific needs, such as scheduled deliveries, side loading or temperature-controlled shipping
  • Maintain competitive rates based on optimized reforwarding and routing