Our knowledge of the supply chain means we can meet even the most complex challenges. Our team of experts is at your service, to provide customized logistics services, offer logistics consulting and examine your “process re-engineering” projects.

Outsourcing your logistics

Our logistics experts can assess the feasibility of your projects. We can manage each step of your supply chain: taking charge of your products, receiving your supplies (bulk and/or pallets), packaging, preparing orders, identifying and managing your stocks and processing your returns, etc. Our strict quality processes guarantee that your goods are always secure.

Our customized solutions

To meet all your needs, Heppner provides logistics services for your classified products, sensitive products and reverse logistics solutions. We can handle bonded stock management, industrial packaging and port logistics. In addition, our services include batch and serial number management, cross-docking, co-packing, kitting, labelling, delayed differentiation, internet tracking of your stocks and logistics flows, etc.

*ICPE: Classified Facilities for the Protection of the Environment, see classification list