With turnover of 715.5 million euros, 10,000 clients and 3,100 employees, Heppner, creator of transport and logistics solutions, is the specialist and independent leader in international exchanges, to and from France. Heppner has strong international connections with offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Senegal. These sites provide access to efficient and powerful networks, linking over 40 European countries, with deliveries to the main European cities offered within 24 – 72 hours.

A multi-specialist in Supply Chain

A true provider of customized solutions, Heppner is an expert in all areas of the supply chain and offers a wide variety of expertise that can be customized according to its customers’ needs, from courier and batch transport in France and Europe, to global transport by air and sea, including customs clearance and logistics services.

A forward-looking family business

As a family-owned business, independence is certainly one of Heppner’s special features and the main factor for success of this company, which has nurtured its independence since 1925. In a finance-driven world, it is only independent companies that have the good fortune to be able to develop a long-term vision and choose a stable and sustainable business strategy. Over the decades, successive executives have built a strong and healthy company that stands among the market leaders.

A deeply rooted international culture

International business is part of Heppner’s DNA, a specialist from the outset in the management of French-German flows. In addition to its 9 branches in Germany, including the newly purchased Hamacher Logistik Company, Heppner relies on both exclusive global partnerships and its own branch offices, to provide the best level of service in terms of deadlines, quality and information management. In 2017, Heppner became a shareholder of the Spanish company Eurobeta Internacional and established itself in the Dutch market by taking over HaCas Transport. Since 1990, it has been a partner of the Austrian Gebrüder Weiss company (with 150 branches in 30 countries), Heppner strengthened this partnership in 2019 with its Overseas activities.