Reduce the impact on resources and preserve biodiversity

Thinking about reducing resource use or circular models whenever possible is another way to reduce the carbon impact of the group’s activities. Heppner’s goal for 2021 was for each region to analyse its ecosystem and introduce a meaningful project. Focus on some emblematic initiatives anchored in their territory.

Recycling of paper and cardboard: the loop is closed in La Roche-Sur-Yon !

The La Roche-Sur-Yon agency has set up an exchange of best practices with its client Igloo, a manufacturer of cellulose-based biosourced insulation. Heppner employees collect paper and cardboard and when the pallet is complete, drop it off at Igloo during one of the daily deliveries. A success for this virtuous loop.

Switching from CNG to BioNGV

Several agencies, notably in the Maine-Touraine region, use BioGNV, which is the renewable version of NGV (derived from the methanisation of organic waste of agricultural, industrial or household origin).

Pallet repair

Over time, pallets can become damaged and even unusable.
12 agencies in the network use companies that repair them to give them a second life, favouring this alternative to recycling.
Nearly 20,000 pallets were repaired by companies in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in 2021.

Eco-pasture in Metz: new roommates !

These 15 sheep and ewes make less noise than lawnmowers and unite the employees of the Metz branch around special events: In short, the new “roommates” in the field around the Tremery branch ensure ecological mowing and the well-being of employees who appreciate “nature” breaks with them. In partnership with Greensheep, the herbivores are monitored by a shepherd and a veterinarian.

Agencies committed to the preservation of biodiversity

Being attentive to biodiversity is a subject shared by our agencies, where initiatives are multiplying.

  • Thus, in Le Mans and Houplines, insect hotels – allowing the installation of biodiversity auxiliaries (butterflies, ladybirds, wild bees…) – have been installed at the same time as beehives.
  • The Vendée-Charentes agency has involved its stakeholders – partners, clients and employees – in a vast reforestation project. 2,200 trees in 5 projects around the world have been financed in this way through Reforest’Action, the equivalent of 330 TeCO2 stored and 6,600 shelters for local wildlife.

Water recycling at the Le Mans car wash

With its 14,000 m2 of landscaped areas and 18 trees planted, the Yvré l’Évêque station, near Le Mans, meets the latest environmental standards. It was therefore obvious to be attentive to water by installing a system for recycling the water used to wash the trucks.

Eco-pasture in Metz

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