Optimise energy consumption

In order to reduce its own energy consumption and comply with the recommendations of the tertiary sector decree, the Heppner Group has undertaken an analysis of the energy consumption of its buildings. According to these elements, a renovation and energy efficiency action plan is being prepared. In addition, a plan for the transition of the fleet of gas-powered forklifts to electric and the transformation of the fleet of company vehicles has already begun.

What is the tertiary decree?

This decree, which came into force in 2021, specifies the terms of application of Article 175 of the ELAN law (Evolution of Housing, Development and Digital), which requires a reduction in the energy consumption of the French tertiary sector.

Objectives: The ELAN law sets an objective of reducing energy consumption by 40% in 2030, 50% in 2040 and 60% in 2050 compared to a reference year between 2010 and 2020.

All tertiary buildings of more than 1,000 m2 are concerned, the virtuous buildings will have to reach threshold values. The monitoring of the energy consumption of the buildings concerned must be published on the OPERAT platform managed by ADEME, on a principle of self-regulation by the actors, with possible financial sanctions and, above all, a reputational risk.

Rendre les bâtiments moins énergivores

Heppner, in order to meet the energy efficiency requirements set out in the tertiary sector decree, acquired the Deepki tool in 2021. 2022 will therefore be the first year of monitoring and analysis on this platform, which will enable precise management of the consumption of the buildings of the group’s various branches.

Already, the Energy Transition Directorate has initiated a renovation and energy efficiency improvement action plan that will include:

  • change of door frames and insulation
  • LED relamping wherever it needs to be done
  • raising awareness of best practices among employees

In addition, new branches are systematically fitted with solar panels to ensure their energy autonomy.

Focus: Modernity, comfort and energy efficiency for the new Heppner headquarters!

A page will be turned in autumn 2021 with the installation of Heppner’s new headquarters in Rosny-sous-Bois after 50 years in Noisy-le-Sec. This modern and comfortable setting is conducive to collaboration for the 165 employees of the site.

57% energy savings with the headquarters

Luc Bazot Director of Infrastructure until March 2022

The new building underwent a complete renovation – with the installation of a dual flow heat recovery unit – to achieve a 57% reduction in energy consumption. LED lighting with presence detection and dimming according to natural light contributes to both energy savings and user comfort.

Replacement of gas forklifts with electric ones

This is an important gain for the well-being, which allows the replacement of the propane gas forklifs by electric forklifts with lithium batteries:

  • 66% of forklifts to be electric by the end of 2021
  • less vibration for handlers
  • improved air quality and cleanliness of buildings.

Car policy: the group moves forward

One car policy in advance of the requirements of the Mobility Orientation (LOM) law: 39% of the fleet’s vehicles were replaced with low-emission vehicles in 2022 (vs 20% required in 2024).

To this end, the group is investing in the installation of charging stations in branches and increasing the proportion of hybrid vehicles in the total fleet.

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invested in the new Rosny-sous-Bois headquarters to reduce energy consumption by 57%


of the current fleet is low-emission

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