CSR Report 2023

CSR Essentials 2023

CSR at Heppner

CSR is an inseparable part of our daily strategy. More than a responsibility shared by all companies, it feeds into all of our decisions. It lights our way year after year and enables us to meet our many challenges: health and energy crises, climate change, international strife, digitisation, etc.

In our commitment to the environment, we are already one step ahead. Our actions have led to real, identifiable successes in 2023. On the roads, we have increased our use of electric vehicles thanks to a promising and ambitious partnership with Volta Trucks, which has enabled us to acquire 16 new vehicles.

CSR Essentials 2023


Our CSR strategy is based on five fundamental pillars and a governance system fuelled by a spirit of enterprise and responsibility that we share with our stakeholders. We measure our actions and impacts, using widely recognised indicators and benchmarks to validate our progress.


Our commitments are based on an active desire to measure, act and progress in the environmental, social and corporate spheres: