Beyond transportation, Heppner supports you throughout your entire supply chain by offering you storage solutions and value-added logistics services.

Depending on your needs, we can dispatch your logistics flows to one or more of our warehouses across Germany. We have storage capacities in Düsseldorf (40,000 m²), in Westphalia (20,000 m²) and in the South of the country. We can handle both long-term partnerships and one-off operations such as product launches or peak period management.

As a basis, Heppner offers standard storage, picking and handling services. But we also offer a wide range of fully-customised services. There are different kinds:


Value-added services:

  • Labelling
  • Packaging and display assembly
  • Product customization / assembly
  • Material testing and quality control
  • Sample management
  • Returns management
  • Claims processing


Delivery + Installation

  • Delivery directly to the desired room
  • Unpacking and assembling of the products by 2 people
  • Resumption of packaging


Promotion and Event Logistics

  • Provision of the necessary personnel and storage capacity for short periods
  • Personalization of products (advertising stickers…)
  • Synchronized deliveries throughout the territory (regional, national, European)
  • Return of equipment (POS material…) at the end of the process


Consulting and Monitoring

  • Supply Chain optimization – optimization of locations and storage areas, adjustment of internal and external resources
  • Advice on managing downstream flows (direct flows, dedicated rounds, shared rounds)
  • Automated notifications (replenishment requirements, quality controls)
  • Online inventory management

With Heppner you have a single partner who can manage and coordinate your entire Supply Chain. This allows complete transparency of operations, implementation of comprehensive Key Perofrmance Indicators and constant adaptation of the services to your volumes and needs. Our objective is to provide you with tailor-made solutions that will drive your satisfaction and the one from your own customers. This is how we measure our success.