For specific business sectors and products requiring special transport and logistics needs, Heppner has a comprehensive range of value added solutions.


With Certipharm certification, Heppner is qualified and able to transport pharmaceutical goods. For instance, we affix special labels to parcels to indicate fast-tracking and secure handling of them in our “healthcare” dedicated zones. Designated Certipharm agents at our sites make sure that best practices are respected when distributing these products. In France, deliveries are programmed according to the typology of your consignee: wholesaler or distributor, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics, medical visitors. For inbound as well as outbound traffic, our network is equipped with controlled temperature storage facilities: cold chain integrity is complied with during transport.

Wines and Spirits

Heppner has set up a specific procedure for expediting your Wines and Spirits. This entails protective packaging exclusively created for transporting bottles, a dedicated warehouse zone for handling parcels, sorting consignments according to destination.