Logistics as an accelerator for the automotive industry

Logistics, accelerator of the automotive industry

When a car is designed, each part and each component plays a key role, Each is important, no matter how small it may be. As a second-tier supplier, we make sure your consignees receive their products on time. We provide customized solutions that meet your requirements and those of your consignees.

Multiple solutions so we are ready at all times

Because efficient Supply Chain management is key, we help you to:

  • Optimize your supplies
  • Manage multiple suppliers and/or consignees (cross dock)
  • Store your spare parts
  • Sort, collect and deliver your spare parts
  • Arrange your customs clearances, etc.

Our agreements with our partners cover a large part of the world. This means we can provide multimodal long-distance solutions for your goods while paying attention to environmental concerns and business logic. Dedicated contact persons are available to handle all your queries, for all your operations.

For local and/or global special events, we also provide ad-hoc services. We put in place the necessary systems to ensure your goods reach their destination and bring them back again, where necessary.

Dedicated teams and services

Each of your operations is assigned a dedicated partner to handle all your requests:

  • Fully delegated management of shipment coordination, with teams deployed on-site at your facilities.
  • Development of dedicated transport plans.
  • Control of pushed and pulled flows.
  • ADR safety advice for all classes.
  • ADR carriage for your regulated products.
  • Management of transport orders.
  • Continuous improvement programme.
  • Planning and management of collections from your suppliers, checking for consistency against the supply schedule.
  • Detailed route tracking with our Track & Trace system.
  • Dedicated customs teams. For your deliveries:
  • Scheduled or mandatory delivery times with your consignees.
  • Deliveries to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Priority management of your shipments.
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