Department deliveries

Because patients need treatment in the right place at the right time, Heppner has developed specific expertise in product deliveries to hospitals and administrative centers. Given the critical importance of these deliveries,, we use our experience to remedy any unforeseen events that could affect the delivery.

Moreover, we provide qualified and competent staff. This means  we ensure the driver is:

  • Authorized to enter the site
  • Assigned to deliver the products directly to the department concerned
  • Compliant with the requirement to introduce himself to your consignees

We also offer the option of upper floor deliveries, depalletization and even packaging recovery, via our Star Care solution, to best meet the specifications of your consignees.

Ensuring the integrity of the transported goods

At your request or at the request of your consignees, it is possible to check the integrity of the goods via our Temperature Tracking solution. Offer your consignees proof of quality, reassure them of the quality of the transport and help them comply with the regulations.

Respect for the environment

We care about the environment and are committed to developing deliveries with alternative fueled vehicles: electric, CNG, etc. This fleet transformation means we can provide deliveries throughout the year, even during pollution peaks and in newly established Low Emission Zones (LEZ).