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With Heppner university, the companu trains the talents that imagine and build its future ! !


The Heppner University is a unique and original training model that aims to enhance the skills of the company’s talents. After six months of work sessions, fruitful exchanges and the design of ambitious and structuring projects for the company, the Heppner University 2022 has been concluded.

An educational model anchored in tradition and looking to the future

The Heppner University, which has existed since 1989 and in a new format since 2017, is a concrete translation of the tradition of talent culture that exists within the Group. The company aims to enable its employees to achieve their full potential. In concrete terms, employees from different departments, sectors, regions and countries are selected for their potential as future leaders within the company. Working groups are formed without seeking uniformity, the diversity of the profiles of the “alumni” creating the ideal emulation for teamwork.

The three pillars of the university are:
Learning: training and acculturation modules allow academics to embrace the history of the almost 100 year old company and all its facets in order to give them the keys to their future skills development;
Collaboration and the construction of a project from A to Z, which they will be able to manage, as is the case of Noémie Feldbauer, the group’s energy transition director, who piloted the last winning project, which is now being deployed throughout the Group;
Connection: the university brings together people who might never have met in a strictly professional setting, thus creating networks that will facilitate future exchanges.

A concrete translation of the Group’s Raison d’être

For a period of 2 to 3 days and for 6 months, the academics met, remotely for a first session and then together, for days punctuated by training modules, times of reflection and exchanges with the company’s management and external experts. Intense periods of teamwork enabled the teams to determine their topic of reflection and then to translate it into operational projects.

Heppner’s DNA is entrepreneurship and its “raison d’être” is:
To encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, our partners, customers and suppliers, and citizens of all generations in all the territories where we are active.

“The Heppner University is a way of encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees by giving them the opportunity to work on a subject of their choice and to present it to a jury composed of several members of the General Management, which I have the honour to preside,” adds Jean-Thomas Schmitt, CEO of Heppner Group.
The strength of the scheme is that it provides the Group’s strategic ambitions with a realistic implementation plan, backed up by new, concrete and immediate avenues for acceleration.

“The Heppner University is part of one of our strategic pillars, the Employee Experience. This of course involves managing our talent, of which the University is a part,” adds Emmanuel Ledroit, Group Human Resources Director.

About Heppner

Heppner is a specialist creator of transport and logistics solutions and an independent leader in international transport from and to France. Our robust, powerful overland transport networks connect more than 40 European countries, with deliveries in 24–72h to the main European cities. With strong international business connections, our exclusive partnership agreements also enable us to handle ocean and air transport to and from 157 countries around the world. With a turnover of €950 expected in 2022 and almost a century of accumulated business experience, we currently employ more than 3,570 people, 111 of them enrolled on work-study programmes, in close to 80 locations in France and 14 in Germany, with a direct presence in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, United Kingdom and Senegal, and more than 10,000 customers. Every day, Heppner works to Foster the Enterprising Spirit of its employees, partners, customers and suppliers in all its areas of business.

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