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86% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied. With an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 48, HEPPNER’s customers have never been so happy!


Customer satisfaction has been at the core of the Heppner Group’s strategy for several years, and the results are there for all to see! The Group uses an annual barometer that measures customer satisfaction and endorsement at Group level, based on a key indicator, the NPS: Net Promoter Score. The customer first approach that Heppner has put in place to guide the transformation of all its activities (transport services, online and in-branch customer journey, business processes, information system, etc.) is proving convincing, as evidenced by the NPS of 48 in 2023 (+24 pts vs 2022 and + 35 pts vs 2021) and the satisfaction rate of 86%. This result, linked to a sharp rise in the proportion of promoters (+16 pts) coupled with a fall in the proportion of detractors (-9 pts), also reflects the effectiveness of the levers deployed to optimise processes and customer paths and neutralise irritants.


 Representativeness and mobilisation: the keys to a reliable indicator

This year, the participation rate has risen to 21%, representing a 3% increase over 2022, covering all areas such as service representativeness, geographical areas and customer segmentation. Based on a representative sample of the customer portfolio, this increase gives indisputable reliability to the NPS. The teams raised customer awareness in advance of the barometer period. Indeed, customers who are engaged and involved in the process have a better understanding of its purpose and how it can benefit them.

In addition to the classic “likely to recommend” indicator, the questionnaire launched by Heppner was custom designed to provide a detailed analysis of customer opinions, both globally and by business line, and in the territories where the Group is present and active.


A customer first roadmap that is bearing fruit

In an extremely competitive environment, currently marked by falling transport volumes, service quality and customer relations are key differentiating factors.

To address the main customer irritants, namely, claims and compensation management, a review has been undertaken of customer paths, business processes and tools, encompassing all aspects from customer notifications to problem resolution tracking, with the creation of ad hoc internal committees.
The result is a clear improvement in customer perception of claims management (78% of satisfied customers, a 10% increase in 2 years) and the handling of compensation claims in the case of legal disputes (70% of satisfied customers, a 11% increase in 2 years).

Many other projects have also contributed to improving customer satisfaction:

  • the launch of a new portfolio of online channels, including a new customer portal and an API services catalogue, enabling us to digitise certain processes and streamline information sharing, particularly on transport tracking data, CO2….
  • the launch of new services, particularly for deliveries to private customers and pre-agreed delivery times for professionals
  • the introduction of new telephone systems in some regions to make it easier to contact the right person and improve response quality.


The result of all these developments is a very high customer satisfaction rate, which has risen significantly across all stages of the customer journey (e.g. 90% of customers say they are satisfied with management of the business relationship, and 87% commend the management and follow-up of pick-up and dispatch requests vs evolution), and also across all branches and regions, in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Senegal. To further improve the consistency of our customers’ perceptions, especially in international shipments, the Group’s regions and branches are implementing targeted action plans tailored to local realities, in addition to the roadmap steered at Group level.


” We are proud of our results for 2023, which reflect a deep-seated collective mobilisation. This is not a sprint, and our aim now is to maintain our excellent customer satisfaction results and improve their consistency in all areas of the Group. It’s a real challenge for 2024,” explains Sébastien Videt, Heppner Group’s Marketing and Communication Director.