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Contributing to a more sustainable society

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Contributing to a positive impact with our suppliers, our customers, in the territories where we operate is at the heart of our raison d’être: “Encourage the Entrepreneurial Spirit”. Therefore, we seek sustainable, ethical and responsible business relationships. And because people are at the heart of our corporate project, we encourage our teams and employees to take part in a more united and dynamic world, as close as possible to where they work.


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Changing the Vision

To create sustainable value and act as a responsible player, Heppner is committed to all stakeholders in its value chain. Purchasing is also a central function that enables the values and spirit of the company to be carried beyond the group to its suppliers. Heppner’s responsible purchasing policy aims at the continuous improvement of practices and integrates this dimension in the same way as quality, deadlines and costs.

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Listening to our customers

The Heppner Group attaches fundamental importance to listening to the needs and satisfaction of its customers. Listening is a pillar of our quality policy, which ensures the durability of our relationships. This is concretely translated into the monitoring of customer and recipient satisfaction indicators and short-term action plans or tests on longer-term solutions.

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Act in compliance

In a context of external growth, particularly internationally, the Heppner Group is committed to an active compliance approach for the group itself as well as for its main service providers.

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Acting with solidarity and responsibility

In line with its raison d’être “to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit”, Heppner gives all its employees and agencies the space to engage in societal projects anchored in their reality of life and territory. Also, as a responsible and supportive company, the group encourages initiatives and supports them materially and financially.

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