Measuring for progress: the NPS

In order to improve its customer track record and develop its service offering, Heppner has been using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a measure of customer satisfaction since 2019. Every year, a questionnaire with about 20 items is proposed to all its customers to ascertain their perception of the services and customer relationship offered by Heppner.

The NPS score is up again

In 2023, Heppner’s customer satisfaction rose again: 86% of customers said they were satisfied or very satisfied, with an NPS score of 48, up 24 points on 2022 and 35 points on 2021.
The participation rate of 21% in 2023, up 3% on 2022, gives added weight to these figures’ representativeness and reliability.

These highly positive results confirm the Group’s “Client First” roadmap, which aims to update customer journeys, business processes and tools, with a particular focus on claims and compensation management.

Significant progress in claims management
– Customer perception of claims management has improved to a satisfaction rate of 78%, a 10% increase over the past 2 years.
– Customer satisfaction with claims handling in the event of a dispute has risen, with 70% of customers satisfied, an 11% increase in 2 years.

Heppner to continue efforts in 2024
This precise monitoring enables Heppner to improve the customer satisfaction rate across the entire customer journey, in all its branches in France and also in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Senegal. These are excellent results, which Heppner intends to maintain and replicate in all the Group companies in 2024.

The Client First roadmap:

The roadmap’s main focus areas used to measure satisfaction as part of the constant improvement of the Group’s processes are as follows:

  1. Develop additional channels for customers (a new customer portal, APIs for goods tracking, etc.) to access data that are reliable and as complete as possible (traceability, transport documents, reporting data, tracking of claim files, etc.)
  2. Improve Heppner’s capacity for proactive response in disseminating information.
  3. Develop and offer value-added services that better meet customer needs, such as the CO2 calculator, which estimates our transport operations’ GHG emissions.

Heppner is also working to strengthen its customer experience community by supporting the Customer Relations teams in its branch network as first responders in day-to-day customer relations. The local Customer First action plans complement Group projects in achieving the satisfaction objectives.