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Heppner’s strength is rooted in the skills and positive mindset of its workforce. At Heppner, we are constantly hiring new employees to adjust to the changing needs of our business. New employees are supported from day one to facilitate their integration and development.

The Heppner career path

At Heppner, we help dedicated and ambitious individuals to develop their talents and progress. A company with steady growth is a great springboard for launching new careers and expanding the expertise of its human resources.

Let's develop your career path together

At Heppner, each employee contributes to our corporate success, through one-off assignments or regular operations. Heppner’s teams have a voice and are actively involved in the running of the company.

A growing market that is constantly recruiting

Although it is attracting increasing numbers of young people, the transport and logistics sector remains unknown by many. The industry is currently reinventing itself and is looking for all kinds of profiles. With over 300,000 new recruits each year, transport and logistics is one of the fastest growing sectors in France.

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