Unique in the region, our warehouse has acquired the environmental class 1 permit. This enables us to respond to the versatile customer demands regarding the storage and handling of goods. Your national and international suppliers deliver your products to our warehouse . We then receive, unload, handle and store the goods. We do everything we can to fulfill your expectations and to respect agreements made 100%.

We are committed to storing your goods. Our warehouse is equipped with a state-of-the- art camera surveillance system and the stored goods are insured. You can rest assured that the products you have delivered to us are safely stored.

Internal optimization, extra valued service

Our warehouse is well thought-out, optimized and equipped with a tailor-made in-house tracking system, which allows you to monitor the flow of goods in our warehouse in detail and live. For us this is an obvious internal optimisation, for our partners an extra valued service. In this way we always guarantee the safety of our logistics services and distribution and we confirm the trust placed in us by our customers.

  • 5000 m² cross-dock facilities with 32 automatic loading docks for transferring between sea containers and our trucks.
  • Short and long term storage of both raw materials and finished products. From storage of 1 package to extra large/many pallets.
  • Your goods are secured by a high-end camera system and you can easily manage your stock via our online platform.

Store your goods from 1 pallet, in fact, we offer storage space from 1 package !

Store your goods from € 1 per pallet per week, without further obligations. Are your activities expanding and the amount of goods that need to be stored or transported increasing? No problem, we scale up with you without any problems. We have room for 7,500 pallets.

Centralized warehouse

Our logistics center in Ternat is centrally located in Belgium, a stone’s throw from major central cities such as Brussels, Leuven, Antwerp and Ghent. We are located near the E40 motorway and can quickly supply all the shops and shopping centers of the surrounding city centers from here. Our central location means that we deliver all goods to their destination within 24 hours in the Benelux.

Clean warehouse

Efficient storage of goods requires optimum use of available space, order and structure. At HEPPNER we know better than anyone how to fill that in. We operate in an environmentally conscious manner: all packaging materials are recycled at our site in Ternat . With the help of our online stock management system you also have no superfluous stock in your point of sale. So we also indirectly ensure more cleanliness there.

Possibility of air-conditioned storage

If the handling of your goods requires extra attention (for example for furniture or stationery), then HEPPNER is also the right place for you. Our team of skilled employees always ensures that your goods are handled, stored and transported safely.

We store and handle your goods

Have your purchases from your national and international suppliers delivered directly to our crossdock in Ternat. We receive, unload, store and handle these goods according to the requirements of each specific customer, and then deliver them again later at the requested place, according to the agreements made.

Follow your storage live and plan deliveries

Through our in-house online stock management package, which we make available to every partner, we ensure that the trader can monitor his goods flow in our warehouse in detail and live. You can receive an automatic message when the minimum stock is reached and you can easily schedule deliveries.

High security camera system

At HEPPNER, we take the security of your goods very seriously. Our logistics center is equipped with a high-end camera system. We ourselves can monitor the flow of goods live and the images are also registered. So we always have a good picture of what happens to your goods, we see when they arrive, how they are processed internally and when they leave the warehouse.

Access control

The safety of your goods is one of our highest priorities, apart from our high-end security camera system, there is total access control throughout the warehouse and on the outside areas of HEPPNER. Together with the camera surveillance, your goods are excellently protected in this way. All stored goods are handled in the most optimal conditions, so you can sleep soundly.