Meeting your clients' expectations

Your clients are seldom available. They want their orders to be delivered on a given day so they can organize their schedule and free up their unloading docks. If you already know their availability, or if you are used to making deliveries at a specific time of the week, then Star Date is for you. When preparing your shipment, just indicate your desired delivery date. It will be automatically entered in the shipping information, and our teams will store your products until the scheduled date.

For synchronized deliveries throughout France

As with all our additional services, you can select Star Date for specific shipments. For example, if you are participating in an event that requires just-in-time delivery or if you are launching a new product that needs to be delivered to all your clients at the same time, wherever they may be. With Star Date, you choose the delivery date of your products. No risk of an empty booth at a tradeshow, no missed product launches. Star Date provide optimal security for your strategic shipments.

Star Date 13: For systematic morning deliveries

The Star Date 13 option takes the service one step further and frees up your client’s afternoon by ensuring a delivery on your chosen day… before 1 pm!