Transport and logistics for the retail and consumer goods sector

Transport solutions tailored to the retail and consumer goods sector

Adapting to all your specific needs, from routing your goods with multiple suppliers to final delivery to your retail customers, we’re with you every step of the way. 

Our experienced logistics teams are committed to offering you a top-notch service, ensuring seamless flows along your entire supply chain. 

With our dense network of branches in France and abroad, you can rely on solutions close to the major economic regions. 

Supply and logistics chain management

We have developed bespoke solutions tailored to your needs to ensure that your products  reach your distribution network safely. 

  • Effective cross-docking: Simplify coordination with your many suppliers and consignees, using our cross-docking service. We put in place cross-docking centres to handle your multi-vendor supplies and consolidate orders by platforms and/or warehouses. 
  • Optimisation of truck flows: We optimise truck flow for smooth entries and exits from your warehouses, while also strictly meeting your delivery times. 
  • Smart Reverse Logistics: Ensure smooth functioning of your inter-warehouse and return flows with our Reverse Logistics solutions. 
  • Seasonal adaptability: We adapt to all your seasonal constraints by constantly adjusting our resources to your peak periods, guaranteeing smooth, efficient management throughout the year.  
  • Real-time goods tracking: Use our real-time tracking of your flows for your complete peace of mind. Our tracking system keeps you informed at every stage of the process to ensure effective, proactive management of your logistics chain. 

Last-mile logistics

We at Heppner understand that every delivery is unique. That is why we propose bespoke solutions tailored to each consignee, from shopping malls to private individuals. 

We cover all your points of sale, including Low Emission Zones or hard-to-reach areas, and we undertake to meet your consignees’ specific needs, particularly with respect to: 

  • Flexible times: We adapt to your opening hours to guarantee deliveries without service disruption. 
  • On-shelf deliveries: Our teams are trained to deliver directly to your shelves, expediting stock replenishment. 
  • Inter-warehouse flows: We effectively manage your inter-warehouse flows to ensure smooth goods circulation. 
  • Delivery scheduling: Offer your consignees the possibility of scheduling deliveries to match their availability. 
  • Fixed-date delivery: Guarantee punctuality by scheduling deliveries on fixed dates. 
  • Priority management: Benefit from priority management for your urgent shipments. 
  • Express delivery: Choose our express delivery solutions for your most urgent needs. 

For deliveries to mass merchandisers and/or DIY stores, Heppner simplifies the process by digitising your delivery note and linking it to our receipt (Receipt – BL) until delivery to the end consignee, enabling them to check that the order is complete and satisfactory. 

Our advanced information systems keep you informed at each stage of delivery, and our intuitive on-line customer interfaces have been specifically designed to simplify day-to-day management of your transport operations. Track your shipments’ progress in real time and consult your CO2 emissions for more responsible management of your logistics chain.