Our CSR approach

Driven by a long-term vision, we have placed CSR at the heart of the Group’s strategy and governance. Alongside our stakeholders, we work every day in an ecosystem based on responsibility.

Heppner’s business model is based on subsidiarity: involvement in the local ecosystem and the trust placed in employees close to the regions are sources of sustainable value creation.

The Group moves forward by detecting opportunities for action and partners in the territories, then sharing local best practices, and deploying or duplicating them. CSR is a collective compass: little by little, Heppner is expanding its ambitions and widening the scope of the indicators it monitors.

Our CSR approach

Our progress in 2023

The SILVER ECOVADIS certification

For the second year running, Heppner has scored 68/100, qualifying it for the SILVER ECOVADIS certification. This certification puts the Group in the top 10% of the 125,000 companies assessed by ECOVADIS.

Deployment of a network of CSR representatives in the regions

In 2023, the Group continued to deploy its network of CSR representatives worldwide. Numbering 21 people, they complement the network represented in the territories, regions and countries and support the CSR team and the Energy Transition Department in the field. This new form of governance increases capillarity between local environmental, corporate or social initiatives and those of the head office. The ambition is to bring CSR issues to the forefront at all levels in the territories, regions and countries and to share best practices within the Group. In the process, the Group is strengthening tracking and harmonisation of its CSR indicators.

CSR representatives play a two-fold role as CSR ambassadors and to relay the actions undertaken by the head office or by the region they represent.

Marjorie Baudoin, CSR Representative, SAFRAM

“I became a CSR representative at the end of 2022 following the takeover of our company by the Heppner Group. Representing our Business Unit and being part of a quality CSR programme motivates me both professionally and personally. The stakes are high in our industry and they will become critical in the future, so we need to be prepared. We now have the opportunity to build a personalised action plan tailored to our local challenges, while benefitting from the structure and strength of a large company. We were welcomed immediately by the Group and we hope to be able to develop measures with increasing impact over the years.” 


Ethics and corruption: acting in compliance

Heppner is committed to active compliance both by the Group itself and by its main suppliers.

  • The code of business conduct is distributed internationally in 4 languages:
    Given to each employee, everyone undertakes individually to comply with it.
  • Zero corruption:
    A didactic, digitised training course that is accessible to everyone ensures proper understanding of the risks linked to corruption.