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Committing in the energy and ecological transition

Decarbonise our activities!

By equipping ourselves with the human resources and tools needed to measure our impact, by investing in a new fleet, and by devising solutions adapted to each territory, we are fully committed to the challenge of the energy transition. Without delay, we want to make more room for the circular economy, respect for biodiversity and act responsibly in cooperation with all players in the transport value chain.


CO2 emissions by 2025 (own fleet)


of the fleet will run on CNG in 2022 (own fleet)


of drivers trained in eco-driving by 2022 (in France)

Providing the necessary means for the energy transition


Heppner equipped itself with powerful measurement tools in 2021:

  • EcoTransIT to measure CO2 emissions from its transportation activity (Scope 1 and 3)
  • Deepki to monitor its energy consumption (Scope 2)


  • €15M invested to convert the Group’s fleet to CNG in 2020-2021
  • A win-win energy transition pact to support our subcontractors in their transition

Subjects covered
by our environment pillar


Acting and innovating to reduce emissions

In order to reduce the impact, Heppner invests in the most effective solutions to measure and manage its activities and to propose solutions: changes in the energy mix of its fleet, development of new urban mobility solutions, etc. As part of its progress approach, the Group is committed to transparency and cooperation with all its stakeholders throughout its value chain.

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Optimise energy consumption

In order to reduce its own energy consumption and comply with the recommendations of the tertiary sector decree, the Heppner Group has undertaken an analysis of the energy consumption of its buildings. According to these elements, a renovation and energy efficiency action plan is being prepared. In addition, a plan for the transition of the fleet of gas-powered forklifts to electric and the transformation of the fleet of company vehicles has already begun.

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Reduce the impact on resources and preserve biodiversity

Thinking about reducing resource use or circular models whenever possible is another way to reduce the carbon impact of the group’s activities. Heppner’s goal for 2021 was for each region to analyse its ecosystem and introduce a meaningful project. Focus on some emblematic initiatives anchored in their territory.

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The other pillars of our CSR strategy