Measuring for progress: the NPS

In order to improve its customer track record and develop its service offering, Heppner has been using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a measure of customer satisfaction since 2019. Every year, a questionnaire with about 20 items is proposed to all its customers to ascertain their perception of the services and customer relationship offered by Heppner.

Since 2020, our NPS barometers have confirmed that information feedback, particularly for goods tracking and claims management, is a priority issue for improving our customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we are working on three areas within the framework of our Customer First strategic roadmap and we are developing projects that are now starting to bear fruit. We plan to continue along this road in 2023.

Sébastien Videt

Group Marketing and Communication Director

Current work areas

  1. Develop additional channels for customers (a new customer portal, APIs for goods tracking, etc.) to access data that are reliable and as complete as possible (traceability, transport documents, reporting data, tracking of claim files, etc.).
  2. Improve Heppner’s capacity for proactive response in disseminating information.
  3. Develop and offer value-added services (that meet customer needs better).

Heppner is also working to strengthen its customer experience community by supporting the Customer Relations teams in its branch network as first responders in day-to-day customer relations. The local Customer First action plans complement Group projects in achieving the satisfaction objectives.