Our IT solutions simplify the management of your shipments, starting with preparation to tracking and retrieving your proofs of delivery, whatever the volume, nature or frequency of your consignments.


The Internet client space is a secure, single entry point allowing you to access an entire range of on-line services to manage your transport flows (scheduling pickups, obtaining quotes, tracking shipments, printing PODs, etc.) and your logistics flows (stock position and order management). You can also contact Heppner directly.

Client workstations

From preparation to tracking of your parcels on a dedicated Sigma terminal, we propose a variety of packaged solutions. You can manage your consignees, print your delivery slips and labels, send transport orders, get information feedback on your consignments, pre-invoice and much more.


You can also use your own IT platform to set up Electronic Data Interchange. To do this, Heppner supplies customized software modules. The use of international standards ensures streamline data transmission with information feedback for transport services, and stock management and order preparation for logistics services.