Not all goods can be handled in the same way

Your goods require special handling precautions. You can’t find a qualified service provider to transport your hazardous goods. Thanks to our team of experts in the transport of hazardous goods, Heppner can guarantee to transport your hazardous products in compliance with strict transport rules.

People and product safety

Heppner provides safety advisors to oversee these operations. For flammable, irritant, corrosive or other products, we have specialized vehicles and drivers as well as dock staff trained in handling these types of goods. Moreover, Heppner complies with:

  • The European agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)
  • The IATA Code for Air Transport
  • The IMDG Code for Maritime Transport

We can handle your hazardous deliveries by courier or chartering, by air or sea, on a national and international level.