An acknowledged stakeholder in the local economy

Always close to the reality on the ground, we operate sponsorship initiatives, for the social, economic and cultural development of our regions. Thanks to these initiatives, in 2019, Heppner was nominated one of the 100 new economic conquerors (Choiseul France) for its contribution to regional employment and economic development.

We also helped fund the University of Strasbourg with the aim of supporting students presenting solid professional projects but with limited financial resources.

Training and integrating young people

In 2019, we published a survey called “Young people and jobs in transport and logistics” to find out how young people viewed the job opportunities in our industry. This gave us the opportunity to highlight young people’s positive vision of the industry and assess the improvements needed in the sector.

Every year, thanks to our Sales School, 15 young people are integrated and trained in the Heppner trades. On a larger scale, Heppner recruits nearly 80 students for sandwich courses across the Group’s business lines, by means of apprenticeships and professional training contracts. About 40% of these students remain with the Group moving to permanent employment contracts.

Actions to promote a social and solidarity economy (SSE)

The Group is involved in numerous programs with SSE stakeholders (INO recycling, food banks, happy recyclers, etc.) but also in our personal employee initiatives, which we sponsor. By supporting our solidarity initiatives, we can play an active role as a local stakeholder.

Some of our initiatives:

  • Logistics support to the Strasbourg Banque Alimentaire (Strasbourg Food Bank): Loading of about twenty pallets for the Benfeld workshops with a specially provided vehicle.
  • Financial support of the association Magie à l’Hôpital (Magic at the Hospital) (Tours): Funding of 10 projects to make the dreams of hospitalized children become a reality.