A network of CSR representatives in the regions

In 2022, the Group integrated a CSR indicator in the “control room” (1) and set up a network of CSR representatives in the regions. This new form of governance increases capillarity between local environmental, corporate or social initiatives and those of the head office. The objective is to share and deploy best practices in this area.

CSR representatives play a two-fold role as CSR ambassadors and to relay the actions undertaken by the head office or by the region they represent.

In 2022, for example, Heppner signed a national charter that formalises the Group’s partnership with Emmaüs Défi, begun three years ago by the Ile-de-France region.
Heppner’s “entrepreneurial” value takes on full meaning here, since each individual is able to contribute their own vision and project and present it to the network of representatives.

3 questions for Anthony Guérin, CSR representative for the Brittany region

  • What motivated you to take on this additional task of CSR representative ?

It is an important issue and my generation is particularly sensitive to it. Part of the job of being a CSR representative is to communicate the CSR initiatives for your region. I see this role as a continuation of my job as an account manager, a “conductor” at the heart of a service chain. It’s something I share routinely with current and prospective customers.

  • What form does this mission take for you in the Brittany region ?

Heppner is a “land of entrepreneurs”, and the Brittany region – like the other regions or subsidiaries – adapts its projects to the reality of its territory and its opportunities for action. But anyone can perform an action that is important to them on their own initiative. For example, a loading bay operative recently started to form a soccer team playing in Heppner’s colours in Finistère. That too is CSR!
For my part, as the CSR representative, I regularly interact with the management committees to give progress reports on the subjects discussed at their meetings. For the coming year in the Brittany region, we aim to undertake actions focused on disability, biodiversity and awareness raising in our Transport business lines.

  • What do you take away from this experience?

I am proud to be able to represent my region and to be an ambassador for these issues in our interactions with the local ecosystem’s stakeholders. As a transport company, we have a real impact on our territory, and Heppner is a player recognised for its commitment to a more responsible supply chain. In this role, it is a pleasure for me to share this with the managers of current or prospective customers, and to put myself at my colleagues’ service to imagine solutions. CSR is an effective lever for unlocking sales conversations!

Our CSR Representative during a biodiversity Fresk