Boost your professional career in a stimulating environment

Transport is above all a human story where each employee is a key element in our client satisfaction.
From the team leader to the export manager, from the handler to the customer service member, Heppner gathers more than 150 functions who work together daily. There are many development opportunities for our employees across our one hundred branches in Europe.

So, if you are sensitive to our “raison d’être” and you are aiming to evolve in a responsible and supportive company, Heppner is the ideal company in which you can flourish as some of our employees testify.

Training throughout your Heppner experience

The Distribution industry is experiencing a major transformation: digitalization, environmental protection, evolving regulations, growth of internationalization… The way we work is changing and we must constantly reinvent ourselves to anticipate the future and catch new opportunities.

This is why we are involved in team training. From the onboarding, and throughout the career of our employees, thanks to the digital online platform we have created and which trains more than 2000 employees each year. We are also committed to innovative training, as close as possible to your needs, such as virtual reality training on loading and unloading techniques, but also complete and professionalizing career paths (Chartering, Commerce, Management, etc.)

Reveal your potential: Heppner University and the High Potentials program

The Corporate culture is crucial to the success of our employees, especially for our current and future managers. We promote the emergence of our talents through different formats.

Heppner University is the opportunity for some of them to take ownership of all the issues and tools available to effectively manage their teams. This program launched in 2016 is the opportunity to exchange with European peers and compare respective experiences. A real springboard for the future.

For young graduates, there is another program called High Potentials. Through this, you can evolve over a few years within several teams and several branches. Very quickly, you will be able to embody the company Values such as Commitment and Loyalty. You will be able to drive yourself in the function that fits you the best in all legitimacy.