Because your consignees have better things to do than wait around for their deliveries

Are your consignees seldom available? Heppner lets them plan their day.

With Star Plan, you can schedule your client’s delivery date according to their availability. From your computer, tablet, smartphone or simply by phone, you can schedule the delivery date at any time of the day. With an agreed 2-hour time slot, you can be sure that your consignee will be there when the Heppner driver calls.

Because your consignee can't leave their workplace

For your clients who can’t receive their products downstairs in the building, you can use the Star Care option, as long as your products can be delivered by a single person only*. Second floor, specific department of a large organization… your package will be delivered to the exact location requested by the consignee.

Because the order must be available early in the morning

For on-the-road professionals, who can’t return to the office to collect their products, parcels can be collected at the nearest branch from 7 am**.

With a network of more than 60 sites in France, there is always a Heppner branch or partner close to your workplace. As soon as they open, you can collect your parcels directly from the site, just show your ID card. With our branch collection, you can cut travel times and get back to work even more quickly.