For clients who are interested, Heppner can set up communication protocols with you to exchange information 24 hours a day, between our respective information systems without any need for manual data entry.


This system prevents mistakes and data entry omissions and ensures the information exchanged between Heppner and its clients is of optimal quality.


Whatever the freight volumes entrusted to Heppner, the deadline for transmitting information remains the same. Activity peaks, where applicable, are managed transparently and efficiently throughout the year.


Communication via EDI saves paper.

The scope of the system is adjusted to your organization

Depending on your needs, exchanges can be either unidirectional (from your system to Heppner’s information systems) or bidirectional (identical to unidirectional + feedback). This covers several potential business areas:

  • Collection requests
  • Shipment tracking
  • Proofs of delivery
  • Invoice processing
  • Activity monitoring and control panel creation

A dedicated Heppner team

Our expert team will confirm with you which standard you wish to use (EDIFACT or INOVERT) and the protocol that should be respected, such as FTP or SMTP for example. Our team will remain in contact with your teams to analyze, build, test and check the reliability of the exchange to guarantee the quality of the deliveries made on your behalf.