Changing the Vision

To create sustainable value and act as a responsible player, Heppner is committed to all stakeholders in its value chain. Purchasing is also a central function that enables the values and spirit of the company to be carried beyond the group to its suppliers. Heppner’s responsible purchasing policy aims at the continuous improvement of practices and integrates this dimension in the same way as quality, deadlines and costs.

The 4 parts of our responsible purchasing policy

Long-term relationships with its suppliers:

Heppner builds its relationships with its suppliers on the basis of mutual trust over time. To this end, the group is committed to cooperation and progress on technological, logistical and CSR aspects. CSR performance of its strategic suppliers is monitored through audits and questionnaires to measure improvements.

Integrate CSR criteria into its purchases:

Alongside the group’s Energy Transition Department, and in order to involve its suppliers in the process of reducing its environmental impact, Heppner’s purchasing team is encouraging its subcontractors to upgrade their equipment to make it more environmentally friendly, such as the handling trucks that have been switched to electric or the conversion of heavy goods vehicles to NGV. The purchasing team brings its expertise and the recognition of Heppner to its own suppliers, as with IVECO, for example, where the same conditions for leasing or purchasing vehicles as its own have been negotiated.
The group is always looking for suppliers, with the aim of integrating social and solidarity economy players and developing the economy of the regions in which it operates.

Be ethical and transparent:

The group seeks exemplarity and loyalty in the behaviour of its teams, and also of its suppliers.

Training and communication:

In a spirit of progress, Heppner is engaging its buyers in a new vision by training them in the challenges of sustainable development. And to support this policy, the group has developed indicators and tools to measure its performance.

Seal our commitments with the "Heppner Responsible Purchasing Charter”:

Christophe Comel Purchasing Director

By implementing this responsible purchasing charter, we are demonstrating our desire to integrate the principles of sustainable development into our decisions, particularly within our purchasing process. This charter is a reference framework for all purchasing teams and a tool for promoting sustainable development to our stakeholders, particularly our suppliers.

Key figures


transport subcontractors and 70 partners


of our agencies use SSE companies


of purchases of environmentally friendly consumables (vs 7% in 2020)

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