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Heppner receives the Great Place To Work® certification, the result of its commitment to its employees!


In a context where the sector is struggling to recruit, knowing how to retain talent – the lifeblood of a company – is a challenge that Heppner is taking up by implementing numerous actions to support its employees and provide them with a pleasant and engaging working environment. The Great Place To Work certification, with a score of 67/100, rewards this collective mobilisation in France, the United Kingdom, Senegal and for the second year running in Spain, crowning all the initiatives of the past year!


Diagnosis of the employee experience

As the employee experience is one of the pillars of its corporate strategy, the quality of life at work is a fundamental issue for Heppner. It was therefore natural for Heppner to gather the opinions of its employees, measure all the factors and analyse the results to put them on a trajectory for improvement. Great Place To Work is the leading expert in employee experience assessment. The method is based on a form containing 70 questions, which is sent to all the employees of a company who respond on a voluntary basis. At Heppner, this questionnaire was sent in November 2022 to teams in France, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Hungary and in Senegal. The Group first satisfaction is the participation rate in the survey, which testifies to the commitment of the employees, as it reached 80% at the global level. With 2011 respondents and 85% in France, compared to 77% for the previous edition, employees have shown their willingness to contribute to the process by participating massively.


The pride of a recognised commitment

The company has long been committed to an ambitious and concrete CSR approach, both in terms of actions and concrete results obtained, and acts to enable each employee to fulfil his or her potential. This determination of the Group is at the heart of its purpose which aims to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, almost half of the work-study students continue their professional adventure within Heppner, which also facilitates access to numerous training courses via the Heppner Progress digital platform. Professional achievement and the cultivation of talent are also at the heart of Heppner University unique training programme. Functional and geographical mobility is also encouraged, with almost a quarter of vacancies being filled internally. For 69% of employees surveyed, management within the Group is credible trustworthy and reliable. The greatest attention is paid to the professional environment and working conditions, with teams moving into new buildings, and a comprehensive energy renovation plan combining the comfort of modern facilities with alignment with the Group environmental commitments, both of which are a source of satisfaction for employees. For 69% of them, conviviality characterises Heppner, as they identify a family spirit, a setting that really brings everyone together and an environment of trust and cooperation.

Finally, the company is committed, inclusive and forward-looking. A clear energy transition trajectory has been defined, and the performance in achieving the objectives attests to the resources implemented. 70% of employees are proud to work for the Group, a figure that is linked to an essential notion today, which is that of meaning. 72% of employees questioned confirm that the actions carried out by the Group have meaning, a characteristic that echoes the quest of many active people in the job market.

Each of our employees is an asset to the collective that is our company. We strive to make room for them and ensure that we offer a safe and pleasant working environment. To do this, we listen to our employees, in an active social dialogue. I am proud of the team that we form, all together, and of this certification. Our next challenge is to continue and strengthen our action plans to achieve even better results! “, Emmanuel Ledroit, Heppner Human Resources Director.


About Heppner

Heppner is a specialist creator of transport and logistics solutions and an independent leader in international transport from and to France. Our robust, powerful overland transport networks connect more than 40 European countries, with deliveries in 24–72h to the main European cities. With strong international business connections, our exclusive partnership agreements also enable us to handle ocean and air transport to and from 157 countries around the world. With a revenue of €832 million in 2021 and almost a century of accumulated business experience (creation date 1925), we currently employ more than 3,570 people, 111 of them enrolled on work-study programmes, in close to 80 locations in France and 14 in Germany, with a direct presence in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, United Kingdom and Senegal, and more than 10,000 customers. Every day, Heppner works to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees, partners, customers and suppliers in all its areas of activity.


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