Preventing health and safety

With the health crisis linked to COVID-19, the reference points have changed, as have employees’ needs and expectations. Heppner is listening to its employees, and in 2021 it will take several steps in this direction, notably by formalising an agreement on remote working for its administrative employees and by pursuing a policy of preventing arduous work in the field.

Remote work agreement: a new balance in a changing world

Signed in July 2021, the group agreement on remote work took effect in September for France. It provides – mainly for administrative staff – the possibility of working remotely one to two days a week. This agreement is based on a voluntary basis, in order not to impose isolation on employees who are not suited to this type of work. This agreement responds to societal expectations for a new balance in the lives of employees, which have been reinforced by the health context of the last two years of the pandemic. This is an asset for Heppner’s employer brand, since the younger generations are keen on this new balance!


people benefit from this agreement in France

Taking care of everyone's health, especially employees exposed to MSDs

Since 2020, osteopathy and chiropractic days have been organised in the agencies for truck drivers and dock workers to help prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Coverage of chiropractic care has also been integrated into the group’s mutual insurance offer.


osteopathy sessions on the platforms of the branches were organised and enabled 400 employees to benefit from them

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

On 21 April 2021, Heppner participated for the first time in the World Day for Safety and Health at Work: an opportunity to highlight the virtual reality work safety training courses

Key figures 2021


frequency rate 21.08 (number of accidents with more than one day off work per hours worked)


meetings based on social dialogue

2022 : Implementation of the safety programme "SAFETY FIRST”

The SafetyFirst@Heppner programme is at the heart of our strategic pillar of Employee Experience. This programme will be based on 4 pillars:

  • Reception: integrate security from day 1
  • Training: to provide the necessary safety knowledge
  • Prevention: to keep risks to a minimum
  • Encouragement: to anchor the safety culture
Training dives into virtual reality.

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