Logistics as an accelerator for the automotive industry

Tailored logistics solutions for the automotive industry

When designing a vehicle, every link, every item is essential.

Every automotive part, no matter how small or oversized, hazardous or sensitive, is important. As a second-tier supplier, we do our utmost to ensure that your customers receive their products on time.

Our expert, dedicated teams design global solutions to optimise your supplies and deliveries worldwide and throughout Europe, for all your plants. Working with our specialised teams, together we can build the supply chain solution that’s right for you and your consignees.

Optimising your inbound and outbound logistics

With precise control of your goods’ routing, you can achieve economies of scale and consequently reduce:

  • Your stocks and optimise your supplies, including storage of your spare parts.
  • The risks associated with routing and managing multiple suppliers and/or consignees, thanks to our cross-docking service.
  • Truck flow at factory entrances and exits.
  • Your carbon emissions.
  • The risks associated with customs operations, with our 34 customs offices and dedicated experts.

We offer you multimodal transport solutions for your long-distance goods, with both environmental and financial considerations in mind. From local to global events, we are able to effectively and reliably meet your requests for one-off operations.

Dedicated teams and services

Each of your operations is assigned a dedicated partner to handle all your requests:

  • Fully delegated management of shipment coordination, with teams deployed on-site at your facilities.
  • Development of dedicated transport plans.
  • Control of pushed and pulled flows.
  • ADR safety advice for all classes.
  • ADR carriage for your regulated products.
  • Management of transport orders.
  • Continuous improvement programme.
  • Planning and management of collections from your suppliers, checking for consistency against the supply schedule.
  • Detailed route tracking with our Track & Trace system.
  • Dedicated customs teams.

For your deliveries:

  • Scheduled or mandatory delivery times with your consignees.
  • Deliveries to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Priority management of your shipments.
Business cases

Our client specializes in the manufacturing of bearings. With a presence in over a hundred countries, in 2018, it had more than 40,000 employees and turnover over 1 billion euros in France.

Client requirements

Consolidate multi-site supply flows and redispatch them as just-in-time flows.

Solution deployed

Customized transport route including collection, sorting, consolidation and product delivery in 24 hours.

Results: Shorter transport time and increased productivity for the client, who no longer needs to sort their own goods.

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