Our raison d’être

With more than 1,200 contributions, our raison d’être is the result of long-term collaborative work and reflects our project to contribute to society. It was defined and enshrined in the Group’s articles of association in 2020.

Encourageons l’esprit d’entreprise

Our raison d’être: a co-construction

For almost 100 years, the spirit that characterises Heppner has made it possible:

  • a decentralized management model built on “intrapreneurs”
  • a flexible approach and a great capacity for adapting to its clients’ needs and demands
  • a continuity in time with an intergenerational transmission
  • geographical and relational proximity embodied since 2018 in the company’s historic signature slogan, “Closer to go further”.

It is therefore with a collaborative approach, by collecting more than 1,200 contributions over a period of 9 months from its employees and all its stakeholders – customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders – that Heppner defined and included its raison d’être in its articles of association in 2020.

Our raison d’être

Foster the Enterprising Spirit of our employees, partners, customers and suppliers, and citizens from all generations in all the territories where we operate.

Our raison d’être: beyond the business model, our project to contribute to society

Our raison d’être is the link between our historical roots, the strategic vision of our business and, more broadly, the project to be part of a positive-impact societal project with all our employees and our ecosystem of stakeholders.

Jean-Thomas Schmitt Heppner Group CEO

Heppner is committed to playing a role in society that looks beyond our business activity. Aware that it is our women and men who carry the group forward and not the other way around, we work every day to Foster each individual’s Enterprising Spirit, which is then taken to our partners, customers and suppliers, and to citizens of all generations.

Heppner unveils its Raison d'être