Your goods are transported professionally - Heppner-Hamacher, the transport specialist

You would like to ship goods from A to B? We offer professional solutions. We will ship your goods to any place you wish, national as well as international – always focused on our customers.

Together we develop market-oriented and successful concepts across all divisions. Personal contact in a professional working environment – this is how we define the relationship with our customers and ensure smooth processes and high quality at all times. Your products at the right time, the right quantity at the right place.

National shipping company

Taking for granted our local transport area and the transport all over Germany, we offer a comprehensive distribution of your shipments throughout Germany. Depending on the type of goods, the desired delivery date and the individual specifications of our customers, we choose the appropriate distribution route and the product perfectly tailored to our customer’s needs.

We achieve this using the following resources:

System transportation

System transportation offers a highly efficient and cost-effective way of delivering your shipments to any location in Germany within a standard transit time of 24-48 hours.

In the field of system transportation we work with the following cooperations:

CTL (Cargo-Trans-Logistik AG)

Cargo-Trans-Logistik AG is a nationwide general cargo cooperation of 160 renowned and predominantly medium-sized shipping companies. General cargo shipping is centrally coordinated and reliably handled by strong and uninterrupted partnerships throughout Germany and Europe. Due to the merging of various shipping companies, general cargo is handled cost-efficiently by over 320 daily routes, making effective use of all resources.

VTL (Vernetzte Transport-Logistik GmbH)

Vernetzte Transport-Logistik GmbH (network transportation logistics) is a similarly structured cooperation system as Cargo-Trans-Logistik AG. Due to the implementation of this high performace system with its 120 network partners, we have the possibility to respond to customer requests in a much more flexible way and are able to search for the best solution for the benefit of our customers in each individual case. The handling of the transportion of your goods via the VTL network is also centrally controlled and handles various HUBS.

Partner network

In addition to our cooperation with system shipping companies, we have a well-developed network of 30 high-performance partners. These are located in particularly important, high-volume metropolitan areas. Daily scheduled transports with our own vehicles, require a high administrative effort and perfect organization, but offer our customers a high level of reliability and quality.

Direct transports

Our own fleet consists of approximately 50 own vehicles, as well as 50 subcontractors working exclusively for us, which are the last link in the chain, which guarantees to transport all goods according to the wishes of our customers.

International shippings

International business is a significant focus of our business. Whether road, rail, air or sea freight: the uninterupted various modes are centrally controlled and monitored by us.

Overland transports

Hamacher Logistik GmbH maintains numerous scheduled services with daily departures to other European countries. Here we are supported by the existing system transport cooperations as well as 23 competent and efficient international partners.

For our customers, this means complete documentation and tracking of their consignments by means of solid partner structures, coordinated IT solutions, regular and encounter traffic that guarantee short transit times and high quality of service, independence of cargo capacities because of the use of their own vehicle fleet.

We are happy to handle all export and import shipments, dangerous goods and all customs formalities for you.

Your capitel city solution: WELIVER Logistik GmbH - Your delivery partner in Berlin

As a joint venture, founded by four companies, our employees develop together with you market-oriented and successful concepts. Personal contact in a professional working environment – this is how we define the relationship with our customers and ensure smooth processes and high quality at all times.
Our main business is the daily pick-up and delivery service with same-day delivery on the day of receipt, in addition to time-bound deadlines and pick-ups in the Berlin/Brandenburg area.